The annual congresses and trade shows are a perfect opportunity for businesses to connect both with their business partners, sponsors and clients. The opportunities and marketing that allow you to know your products, your services and your brand to your target customers is such an important event, that requires a proper venue!

If you need to find the best conference venues in Europe then you should probably look for them online, or to hire a specialized event company that will find the best propositions and conference packages for you.

The online search allows you to collect information about hotels, convention centers and  gives a good overview of the facilities.

Guidelines for professional conference organization

In general, conferences and seminars propose the following objectives:

  • Promote and encourage the sharing of information between participants
  • Offer educational sessions to participants and sometimes fairs technological professionals encompassing the best information and the most recent in the field of archives management,
  • Generate income and / or revenue, if the organization’s statutes host, as a means of financing activities and future operations of professional associations,
  • Seek an increasing number of members through vigorous promotion.

When looking for the best European venue it is recommended to clarify, which event are you going to hold. They can be divided by their size, for example.

  1. Small seminar. Less than 100 people will attend and the seminar will last half a day or a whole day.
  2. Large seminar. More than 100 people will attend and the seminar will last half a day or an entire day.
  3. Small conference. Less than 100 people will attend and the conference will last two days or more.
  4. Medium size conference. From 100 to 300 people will attend and the conference will last two days or more.
  5. Large conference. More than 300 people will attend and the conference will last two days or more.

Conference packages from the hotels and business meeting venues

A very attractive option for seminars or conferences is to look for conference packages from the hotels and venues in Europe. Whether organizing a conference or seminar of a smaller size, to facilitate the search for those who organize an event, it is important to determine some points.

  1. Choice of the business meeting venues

The choice of business spot will be determined by the organizing committee. Selecting a convenient and affordable site is often the most important factor important to the success of the conference or seminar. When choosing the place among the best conference venues in Europe, the following must be taken into consideration: accessibility to targeted audience, frequency of recent conferences, opportunities for visits tourist, etc.

2. Dates of the conference or seminar.

The organizing committee of the event decides the dates of the event, taking into consideration the different factors that may reduce assistance, such as: other conferences attracting the same participants, traditional and / or religious holidays, etc.

3. Selection process

The conference venue selection process should ideally start at least three weeks before the event, in the case of a large conference. Some sites are automatically eliminated because they are too distant for the participants. Make sure that the venue directors provide you with updated information about their facilities and availability at dates. The use of university facilities, out of season, is another option that can be very economical.

In addition, many hotels and convention centers frequently contacted by the organizers of the business event provide conference packages for their guests.

4. Facilities.

Generally, hotel facilities in larger cities are more suitable for organizing a small or large conference.

Having most of the participants grouped in or next to the main hotel / convention center avoids the need to deal with transport. The size and number of meeting rooms is an important factor in the Selection of the best venue. The estimate of the number of participants fluctuates and forces provide a minimum of places for participants who will attend sessions and at meals.

An important element when selecting the best venue for conference in Europe is to have an installation that allows to organize an event, and which provides enough flexibility to sit all participants during lunch sessions plenary, opening speeches and other functions.

Additional elements should be considered when selecting the site of conference or seminar: ease of access to the conference site by air transport, trains and taxis; opportunities for recreational activities, accommodation and registration assistance provided by the local office, and city tour offered by local travel agencies.

c) Accommodation options

The cost associated with selecting a future site for the conference or seminar is just as important. In a given city, negotiations are undertaken between the host association of the event or the director of the event conference or seminar and management of the hotel or convention center; the decisions are made according to the possibilities of potential hosts. Free accommodation, discounted room rates, free VIP transportation, conference packages etc., are the typically negotiable elements that are offered, but it does not only take limit yourself to that. Local tourist agencies will be very helpful at this stage.