While organizing a conference one should think about its concept. Remember in which project, for which reason the conference is organized.

Here is a checklist of tasks to perform when you organize a conference:

  • Define in writing the political and organizational objectives (number expected people, new members, etc.) so that you can make a correct assessment based on these objectives
  • Define a target audience for the conference, describe this target audience
  • Find a buoyant, almost provocative theme that interests people and which is preferably related to the news
  • Define a period for the preparation of the conference. A period of three months is required between the first meeting of preparation and the conference (during this period it is important to remain attentive to the news)
  • Define the budget, set the necessary entrance fees, if needed
  • Define and choose which speakers would be appropriate and then rank them in order of preference.

Creative meeting venues

When searching for a conference or meeting venue, mind the above mentioned details. Because you do not choose the same seminar venue to organize a team building or training.

Depending on the concept and topic of the event, for example, you should look for a place where sporting can be practiced, artistic or cultural activities to strengthen team spirit, cohesion and communication within the company.

There’s a number of creative venues for organization of all kinds of meetings. For example a golf game in a refined setting to introduce the employees to this sport of precision. Or a guided and commented ride in segway in the park of a big castle. Or picking of fruits and vegetables in a farm followed by a workshop of culinary art. For a business meeting or training, however, we will need a fully equipped venue, a meeting room with broadband Internet, projector, projection screen, paper board, office supplies (papers, pencils or pens).

Searching for a venue online

Be careful not to organize a business meeting in an inappropriate place. For example, staying in a luxury hotel while the company goes through a period of budget restrictions. It should not necessarily be a hotel – there’s plenty of creative venues for meetings and business spots. That is why you should try looking for it online – via Internet.

There are specialized web platforms for booking meeting rooms. So when choosing a specific location, attention should be paid to the services that may end up important for the goals of the event in question. Searching for a venue online you can check all the details you need to find out right from you working place, not spending time for travelling to distant locations.

The collaborative economy has also penetrated this market, since many market players have created web platforms to implement business relationship with each other to rent meeting rooms not used. Breaking with the expectations of a corporate clientele, these actors often offer reporting, dematerialized invoices and even, for some, centralized payment. Some web platforms are also intended for agencies, which allows the company to outsource this service.

Responding to all your needs, the creative meeting venues are the spaces thought to develop creativity and allow to regain control of the time. In particular, a lot of dedicated places have been set up: creative hubs,

incubators, fablabs … The impact of these places on the identity of the events is important. To share experiences and ideas in places like these is a pleasure, not an obligation.

The goals of placing business meeting in a creative venue are as follows:

  1. Put the participants in a creative state
  2. Generate ideas
  3. Solving complexity issues towards the problems set
  4. Evaluate, choose and plan the implementation of the ideas.

The search for venues concerns the organization of meetings but also the mobility of the participants and organizers seeking to optimize their working time. In addition to historical players (hotels and business centers) new active players have invested the market (booking centers, collaborative platforms).

In order to adapt to the mobility of travelers, new work spaces have become developed coworking centers, business corners or even cafes oriented as coworking business meeting places. More and more airports and train stations are offering business centers for to allow travelers and small companies to benefit from a working space at these places of transit.

Things to pay attention to choosing a creative business meeting spot

Organizing a meeting is not always easy. The company may lack place to organize this meeting internally and it is sometimes better to find another place to give a positive image of the company or to facilitate access to participants from different places.

Several companies offer work spaces and meeting rooms at the request. Thus the necessary space and order the services partners (equipment, network access, catering …) should be modulated.

The main players in this field are:

  • hotels and resorts,
  • specialized business centers,
  • Sports complexes and other event venues (which  allow to couple work times and events).