Organization of events is a tough business. Of the purpose of the seminar to the profile of participants through the thorny issue of the budget, nothing should be left to the hazard! Probably it would be better to hire a company that specializes on it. But everyone considers their own options, so while organizing a conference or an important business meeting, make sure you have seen the list of the most important things.

Guide to facilitate the organization of events

Before the event, choose the members of the organizing committee, who will do the following:

  • Form an organizing committee for the event (maximum six people).
  • Determine who is responsible: coordinator, treasurer, technical manager (same person can accumulate more than one task), etc. To get an overview, make a table of check responsibilities with the name of each one beside.
  • Decide on the conference format, workshops and contacts.
  • Establish the budget. You can contact organizations or officials of an event to know if there is still a sum of money or material to reuse.
  • Establish a global timeline with associated managers at each step. Program some meetings in advance.
  • Establish the date and duration of the event. Make sure there are no other events in the community at the same time or near the coveted date.
  • Determine the target audience.
  • Anticipate the date of confirmation of the animators.
  • Provide a detailed schedule, establish logistics (hours). It is important to provide some

latitude in the schedule to allow adjustments in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

  • Decide on the venue of the conference.
  • Write the invitation letter.
  • Negotiate and reserve rooms or hotel.
  • Think about the layout of the reception area (tables, documents, pens, coffee, etc.)

Why conference venue is important

As we have mentioned before, choosing a venue for the conference is very important. There are things to consider while choosing a conference venue.

While deciding on the venue of the conference, the ideal variant seems to be a hotel. Whether big or small, the conference logistics is important. The guests should not spend their time to get to the venue for too long.

Ordering a hotel, negotiating and reserving rooms in a hotel, ask if there is a conference hall. See if they provide all the necessary equipment.

Then reserve the event venue. For a conference with workshops make sure you can provide several rooms. Get to know the reception capacity of the rooms.

The hotel as a venue of the conference must be accessible for people with reduced mobility, must have enough parking places on a hotel parking lot or nearby.  And the most important thing while choosing the location of the conference venue – the place must be fairly central and easy to find.

Your invitation must clearly indicate what kind of conference it is. Use letterhead, by clearly specifying the time, date and venue of the conference, and directions to the conference. Present clearly and briefly the purpose of the conference, arguing the importance of the event and the originality of the information that will be revealed on this occasion.

Choosing the ideal venue for your conference

When it comes to organizing a conference, seminar or workshop, there are regulars and beginners. Anyway, the choice of the venue plays a considerable role in the success of your event. The question is how to choose the place ideal for organizing your event. To answer it, it is necessary to take into account various parameters.

We have already considered before, why choosing a venue for a conference is important. So here are some additional tips on it.

  • Start by defining the purpose of your conference.

The first question you need to ask yourself is: what kind of conference do you organize? An

incentive, integration, press or management, or a product launch event? It is important to answer this key question as it will guide the choice of the venue of your seminar. Indeed, we do not choose the same venue to organize a team building or training. For the first, we will look for a place where we can practice sporting, artistic or cultural activities to strengthen team spirit, cohesion and communication within the company.

  • What types of places can host your seminar?

The choices of corporate seminar venues are very broad. From the small meeting room for 10 people in one conference center at the private meeting room in a mansion house through an auditorium for 200 people, there are meeting rooms of all sizes and styles. It can be a business spot or professional business meeting venues.

But you can also organize your conference in an unusual place to change traditional meeting rooms. You can opt for green seminars to benefit from large spaces outside and schedule outdoor activities. It all depends on the purpose of the event you want to organize. Anyway, do not settle for brochures or photos on the Internet to make your choice. Take a tour places to make sure the place matches what you are looking for and avoid unpleasant surprises.